Wheel chair delivered to disable

Deepa Priya is a young woman of about twenty-five, suffering from muscular dystrophy, that we have been helping for more than two years with a small monthly subsidy.

In September 2019, the mother contacted us for help: widow for 15 years, her son also suffering from muscular dystrophy had recently died. Impossible to have a job having to take care of two disabled children full-time. Mother and daughter now lived on the girl’s invalidity pensions – only 1.000rs a month! – and the help of the old grandmother, with whom they live, and a few charitable neighbors.

So from November 2019 MTI has started to send a monthly help to the family; but last month the mother asked us for further help: to buy a toilet wheel chair. The girl, who is progressively getting worse, is no longer able to use the normal bathroom located outside the home.

Yesterday morning our super-efficient collaborator Kuppan picked up the chair in Chennai, brought it to Deepa Priya home and helped to assemble.