Grinder donated to disabled woman

A big grinder worth 25.000 rupees has been recently donated to a disabled woman from Puliyambakkam village.

Mahalakshmi with Mani, Gaja and introducer thangamalar

Mahalakshmi is a woman aged 45 with a disability of 60%. Married with an alcoholic, she has two children attending 6th and 7th grade at public school in Puliyambakkam village.

Mahalakshmi got polio when she was a baby and has always taken the small disability pension of 1,000 rupees a month. Her husband occasionally works on a daily wage that often disappears in cheap alcohol; the family lives in a damaged house struggling with daily life.

Mahalakshmi started grinding rice with a smaller grinder a few years ago and had a long-time dream of developing the business with a more powerful machine. With the new grinder Mahalakshmi is now able to grind a much larger quantity of rice in much less time and will be able to significantly increase the daily income which until now was around 150/200rs

The amount needed to purchase the new grinder was made available by an Italian donor.