Kunnapattu Village

Malar Trust has been operating in Kunnapattu since 2022 with a center that hosts after-school care and sewing courses.

The Tuition Center

Kunnapattu is a village inhabited by around a thousand people, Dalits and tribals.
The tribal community, which Malar Trust takes care of, is located on the edge of the town and is made up of around thirty families.
At the mayor’s request, Malar Trust opened an after-school club by renovating an existing building made available by the community.

A small sheet metal structure was then added, adjacent to the after-school club, where a kitchen was set up to serve breakfast to the children attending school, a service that was later interrupted when the Tamil Nadu government started the school food programme.

As in many other villages, in Kunnapattu there is only a primary school and so, to facilitate attendance at the higher classes, Malar Trust has activated a private transport service that takes children to the Manamathi school, about 5 kilometers away.

Two sewing courses were also organized in Kunnapattu, one for each community.
Furthermore, in 2024 a first embroidery course for wedding saris was experimented, which was a great success among Dalit women