Kamaraj Nagar Village

Kamaraj Nagar is a Dalit village closed to Manampathi.

Kamaraj Nagar, balwadi
The buiding as it was

In 2011, Malar Trust Onlus built the Education Center for the village of Kamaraj Nagar, a Dalit settlement close to Manampathi, to offer a place where the youngest children can stay during the day while the mothers are at work.

Presently, we run the the balwadi from 10 am to 2 pm (lunch included), with the attendance of  about 15 children under the supervision of one teacher. In the same building, from 5 pm to 7 pm, it is held an afternoon school attended by almost 50 students, aged between 6 and 15, with the supervision of two teachers.

Due to the large number of children, the Center was enlarged in 2014 by building an additional room and dividing the children in two groups with an additional teacher for the elder students. A new toilet has also been attached.


The building as it looks now