Poonjeri Village

Dalit children and teachers at Poonjeri Tuition Center
Dalit children and teachers in one of the four Poonjeri Tuition Centers

Poonjeri is the village where we began our activity, opening our first Education Center.
The village, inhabited by about 5.000 people, is situated in the outskirts of Mahabalipuram, around whose tourism industry revolves the economy of the place. The population is varied, belonging to different castes (including gypsies and tribal communities).

Malar trust India is now running four centers in Poonjeri: two for Dalit children and two for Irula, with afternoon classes from 5 to 7 pm.

In one of the Irula communities we also run a balwadi from 9.30 am to 2 pm (inclusive of lunch) attended by about 10 kids.

Five teachers and one cook work for us in Poonjeri from Monday to Saturday.