Tuition Centers

Peryar Nagar, Teacher Chandramathi with her students
Peryar Nagar, Teacher Chandramathi with her students

One of the main purposes of Malar Trust India is to set up day-care centers to give access to quality education to the poorest students, especially belonging to ST Communities, and helping them to avoid dropping out of school.

The centers offer a service of afternoon school where the children find a comfortable place to study and some recreational activities; through the centers the most needy students receive school uniforms and educational materials.

Malar Trust India presently operates ten tuition centers in the Poonjeri and Manampathi area, Chengalpattu District, and assists almost 300 children in seven villages.

  • POONJERI Village, TKM Road – Dalit Area
  • POONJERI Village, ECR Road, Irular Area
  • POONJERI Village, Masima Nagar – Irular area
  • POONJERI Village, MGR Nagar – Irular and gipsy area
  • Manampathy Village, Periyar Nagar – Irular Area
  • Panjarthirthi Village, Irular Area
  • Manampathy Village, Eachampallam – Dalit Area
  • Puliyur Village, Irular area
  • Kunnapattu Village, Irular area
  • Siruttavur Village, Dalit area

Our goal is to open a Tuition Center in the maximum number of Irular villages in the District, to help  children to complete at least the basic course of study up to the 10th class. In recent times we are succeeding in sending some of them at college throug our scholarship program.