13.08.13 - Mensa balwadi IP
All balwadis offer healthy daily food with fresh fruit and vitamins

One of the main purpose of Malar Trust India is to set up kindergartens (Balwadis) to improve the pre-school education of the younger children, increasing their intellectual and social development so as to give them better chances of success in their future studies since the beginning.
In addition to recreations and other activities supervised by teachers, we try to ensure a quality diet with a free meal for the children at least once a day.
Malar Trust India presently operates three Balwadis attended by almost 40 children.

  1. Poonjer Village – lrulas Area
  2. Manampathy Village, Kamaraj Nagar – Dalit Area
  3. Manampathy Village, Periyar Nagar – lrulas Area


Our goal is to open a Balwadi in every village where we already operate a tuition center.