English lessons at Kuyil Kuppam – Peryar Nagar

A new project has just started in the ST community of Kuyil Kuppam (Peryar Nagar): extra English lessons for a selected bunch of students.

Teacher Sangeetha gives the first English lesson yesterday

The aim of the project is to offer an additional chance of success to students that have a real interest in higher education and give them an extra chance to succeed at college where the English language barrier – for all students coming from Tamil Medium but especially for ST children – is one of the major concern.

Helping ST children to be successful at college is a big challenge: we have to fight against a number of cultural factors, first and foremost the lack of self-confidence of the ST communities as a whole.

And then the ignorance of the adults, their disinterest in the education of their children, their inability to see in education a possibility of redemption – a chance for the future generations, thus condemned to follow in the footsteps of the previous one: hard and underpaid day work and a life on the margins of the society, very often afflicted by alcoholism.

Luckily in Kuyil Kuppan we have identified some students, in particular three girls attending ninth grade, which give hope that things may soon change.

We have therefore found a qualified teacher with many years of experience who we hope will be able to give students further motivation: in addition to the English lessons – especially reading, writing and speaking – we hope it will serve to generate greater awareness, self-confidence and pride in the results achieved.

The English course is only for students from the ninth grade and up and lasts two hours two days a week on Saturdays and Sundays.