A story of success

This is the story of Divya Barathi, one of the students who graduated thanks to our scholarships – and whose results give prestige to our program.

Divya came to us in 2015. At that time she had just finished the twelfth grade at the Tamil-language public school, the one reserved for the poorest children. She was an excellent student – 431/500 in the tenth and 922/1200 in the twelfth grade – and she wanted to continue studying. But the family did not have the means.

The father had left the family when Divya was only 9 years old. Her disabled mother had a small Petty shop and with her modest income had already sent her older brother to college.

Having learned about Malar Trust, she came to ask for help to enroll in Computer Application which ends after three years, the best of the course despite coming from the public school in Tamil language, an obstacle for many of our students that greatly limits the possibilities of brilliant results. With her words: “my friends helped me to learn English and I also used to read kids English story books which helped me to make a step on to my 1st semester exam”. She graduates in May 2018 with 93/100.

It is the same college that offers Divya to enroll to the Master with a 50% scholarship discount. Afraid to ask for help again, Divya turns to us again but without hesitation we have decided to continue helping her for another two years by paying the difference. In her own words again: “I don’t know what else to do. But with the hope again I went to Malar Trust and spoke with Mr. Rupkanthan that suddenly said “no worry Divya, you have scored good marks in UG and we will help you go with hope”

Divya graduates in June 2020 with 96/100 – again the first of the course – and after only 5 months Divya finds a job as transaction processing associate in a large company in Chennai with a starting salary of 15.000rs / month

Her mom was able to close the little shop and finally enjoy a well-deserved rest.