Transforming lives: 10 years of scholarships

In December last year, Malar Trust made scholarship awards to 63 students – worth 10 lahks rupees – to pay for their schooling in 2020/2021. The 33 new scholarship students and 30 existing ones come from all age groups, from primary school up to college.

All the beneficiaries of the program come from very poor families, many have lost at least one parent, and none of them could pay for their studies without outside help. Some 60% are girls, evidence of the special attention that Malar Trust has always paid to the issue of women’s education.

Over the past ten years, Malar Trust has awarded 887 annual scholarships, worth around 10 million rupees (115,000 euros). The brightest of our students are now engineers, dentists and computer scientists. Others have gained intermediate degrees that have guaranteed them decent jobs, far better than the hard and underpaid day jobs of their parents.

Normally the scholarships would begin in October but the Covid pandemic has meant that all schools and colleges have remained closed until a few weeks ago, causing a considerable delay in the implementation of our scholarship program.

The following photos, which show some of our students in front of their homes with their families, give an idea of the conditions that they are living in now. Helping them to gain an adequate education is the only opportunity they will have to improve their life chances.