Malar Trust India opens a Disabled Resource Center in Poonjeri village

On April 1st 2019 a new Disabled Resource Center, run by Malar Trust India, officially opened its doors to the public.

The Center is hosted near Malar Trust India main office in TKM Road, Poonjeri, near the Old Bus Stop and this is where last year the NGO started to provide consultancy and guidance to people with disabilities (PWD)  and work as Day Care / Information Center for them.

In other words the new Resource Center is helping PWDs to apply for disability ID card and pension, to access to specific Government welfare schemes,  scholarships for children and marriage grants; to receive assistive devices and physiotherapy; to apply for Self-employment loans.

The Center offers counselling services on Government rules and facilities, supports parents with disabled children and provides special education and home based therapy for children with disability. It also helps persons with disabilities to find a job or join special vocational trainings.

All services are provided for free.

The center is run by Mr Ganesan Veerasamy, a new member of MTI staff. He is fully qualified having completed a 2-year Diploma in Community Based Rehabilitation and over 12 years of work experience with PWDs in leading NGOs in Tamil Nadu. He has been appointed to take care of – and develop – the project.

In the last months Malar Trust India staff has begun to visit villages and run small disabled meetings, to inform general public about the new opportunity. And building a small database of PWDs in the area that in nine months already reached the impressive number of 411 individuals

Big results have been already achieved in the first 9 months 2019: we provided over 58 disability certificates, we helped to get other documents or open bank accounts to almost 20 PWD, provided 8 wheel chairs, got business loan to 5, included 2 in our program of permanent individual aid, provided school material to over 20 children and scholarships to 5 and helped many more to get UDID, vocational training and much more.

The aim of the project in a longer term is to become a reference for people with disabilities in Tirukalikundram and Tiruppurur Block, fighting for disabled rights and against corruption that forces disabled to pay bribes to obtain government facilities that should be provided for free.

This center will act as a bridge between PWD and Government and other NGOs and help a potential of about 3000 people in and around Tirupporur and Thirukazhukundram blocks to receive aids from the Government and other welfare organizations to get information about job opportunities and self-employment opportunities, etc. In short, this center will be a one-stop-shop for PWD in the area.