New day care center in Poonjeri – Masima Nagar

A cook and a helper have been appointed to cook every morning

Malar Trust starts a day care project for children in the tribal (ST) community of Masima Nagar.

The principal of Poonjeri elementary school reported a problem to the head of Malar Trust India concerning the children of the tribal communities in the area. Although the two settlements of Masima Nagar and Irular Pakuti are very similar (very poor communities of day laborers), the children find themselves in very different conditions: those of Irular Pakuti, followed by the Malar Trust day care center, arrive at school after having had a good breakfast and with uniforms in order; those of Masima Nagar are often completely starved and with dirty and torn uniforms.

Malar Trust has therefore decided to intervene by inaugurating, with the start of the new school year, a day care service also in Masima Nagar.

Repeating the model already tested in Panjartheerthi since 2014 and in Irular Pakuti since 2016, children are welcomed in the morning, before going to school, for breakfast and a check on personal cleanliness and the state of school uniforms.

Food service initially started in the small building that already houses the Tuition Center

The day care service, run by a cook and a helper, initially started in the Malar Trust building that already houses the Tuition Center. Then, the kitchen was moved to a small building near the after-school, completely renovated with funds provided by the Italian Association “Insieme per L’India”.

About thirty children attend the day care center. They are accepted under two conditions: they must go to school regularly and attend the Malar Trust after-school program in the afternoon.