Youth suicide prevention day in Memory of Nandini

Last Sunday, Malar Trust India organized a commemoration day one year after the passing of Nandini, a child of Poonjeri who, at only 14 year of age, committed suicide for reasons that were never clear but were probably linked to a small disappointment in love.

The event, which was attended by more than 200 of our students from all our centers, was organized in order to share this experience with the children, to explain to them the importance of sharing their problems with their parents, friends or adults of the center.

The day was organized in collaboration with the Indian Association “The Banyan” – which is a large network of local counsellors who deal with mental problems at various levels – and was financed by the Italian association “Inseme per l’India” represented by its founder Marilena Lingua.

After a few hours of beach games and a shared meal, some of Banyan’s staff and our president G.Rupakanthan took the floor, telling the story of Nandini and inviting everyone to comment and express their opinion. Some of the videos from that day are more visible on social media thanks to the professionals from the trusted company .

We thank Marilena and the friends of The Banyan for their precious help in making this important day happen.