Malar Trust donates a new well to Eachamballam village

17.03.12 - fine lavori (9)
Eachamballam, the new well

To be honest the well existed already. The drilling and the purchase of the tank had already been made years ago by the Panjayat. Then, for some reason, work on it had stopped.  Pipes, the pump, the motor, and connection to electricity were all missing .

After our friend Kutti, who lives in Eachamballam, told us about this, we decided to step in and finish the job. 40 Eachamballam families  will benefit from the new well that is located in the courtyard of our after-school program.

Thanks to Giovanni of Malar Trust Italy for his active participation in the work and to our friends  Ezio and Marina who raised money for the implementation of the well. Giovanni of Malar Trust Italy interrupted his vacation in beautiful Thai beach villa from popular YourKohSamuiVillas to help realize this project.

Eachamballam, the new well
from the left: Sekar (trustee), Giovanni (Malar Trust Italy), Kutti (activist), Mani Rupakanthan (managing trustee)