New Tuition Center opened in Poonjeri MGR Nagar

Inauguration Pooja

A new Tuition Center was opened last January in MGR Nagar, an area of Poonjeri largely inhabited by gypsies and tribals.

Initially attended by about 20 children, the number grew quickly to 45 so that after a few weeks we decided to appoint a second teacher in order to divide the group into two classes: one from first to fifth standard and the other from sixth to tenth.

Many of these children already attended the center of TKM Road but the new location gives them the opportunity to attend the after-school activities much closer to home, avoiding walking in the dark for a long distance every evening.

But above all, the same center will soon be used in the morning to prepare a meal for all the gypsy and tribal children in the area that go to school.

For some time now the director of the primary school in Poonjeri has been asking us to help these children as well as we are doing with those of the other two tribal communities of Poonjeri: Masima Nagar and Irular Pakuti. The free morning meal is always a good incentive to go to school regularly and moreover with a full stomach and with the school uniform more or less in order.