A soup kitchen for the elderly of Poonjeri

DSC_0557Malar Trust helps the poorest elders of the Poonjer village: 20 free meals distributed each day.

Following the initiative brought forth by the Malar Trust India staff, Malar Trust launched in early December 2015 a daily soup kitchen for needy elderly of the village of Poonjeri in early November.

For some time now, the poorest elders of the community had asked the Indian association’s coordinator Mani G. Rupakanthan help for food. Action was taken by opening a soup kitchen: there are currently about 20 enrolled senior citizens, mostly women, widows without family support, some in poor health.


Meals are prepared in a small local restaurant that provides the typical Indian meal, a plate of rice with sambar and a side dish. The monthly cost is estimated at about 15,000 rupees.

This “catering service” is the work of a poor but smart Indian woman who makes a living for her family by cooking street food in a hut a few meters from the headquarters of Malar Trust India. The self-help group of Poonjeri women brought up her name to the association as an ideal collaborator for the canteen: by allowing her to take care of the food service we are actively helping one more person.

The free lunch is offered every day of the week on the Malar Trust India premises in Mettu Street in Poonjeri. The initial plan was to house the soup kitchen on the terrace of the center, but many older people have trouble walking up the stairs, so now the participants gather on the square in front of the office, sheltering under an old bus stop.