Monthly individual support granted to blind woman

Alamelu in front of her house

During a disable camp run on February 5th in the Sembakkam Panchayat we came to know about Alamelu, a 29 years old woman blind by birth.

She lives alone in a small house with no parents nor relatives support around her – relying only on the occasional help a few neighbors.

The 1.000rs monthly pension that she gets from the government is just enough to buy a few medicines and some basic need; for the daily life she rely on the free food offered from a local Company once a day – to her and to some other old age people of the village; she normally  keeps some of this food for dinner but in the hot season this food spoils very easily so she often go to sleep with empty stomach.

After talking to her and to her neighbors and after visiting her house and verified the extremely poor style of life of this woman we decided to grant another 1.000rs/month to help her to buy some simple extra food, time to time, to the local hotel.