Sewing machine donated

A sewing machine was donated to a family in Manamathi.

Mani Rupakanthan donating the sewing machine to Lalitha and Rojamalar

Rojamalar is a young woman with severe mental retardation and a 95% disability. To look after her is Lalitha, the girl’s mother: a full-time job that prevents her from being able to do anything else.

The father works as a domestic in the nearby village of Alathur while a youngest son is attending last year in BC Chemistry at AVIT college of Payannur.

The sewing machine will allow Lalitha to earn some extra money while staying at home to look after her daughter.

The family was introduced to us by one of our collaborators at a time when the Association was already purchasing another seven sewing machines to donate to the women of Kunnapattu (see post).